Our initial research indicated that these seven traits define people:

The traits are defined as:

Overachiever: Stable, reliable, diligent, and self-controlled
Entrepreneur: Money-driven, competitive, and risk-taking
Active: Happy, sociable, team oriented, and alert
Aggressive: Determined, tenacious, assertive, and suspicious
Compulsive: Precise, thorough, methodical, and systematic
Passive: Sympathetic, empathetic, apprehensive, and cautious
Sensitized: Reserved, introverted, perceptive, and intuitive

Our initial three-year research program studied (via in-person interviews) over 1000 individuals. We analyzed the factual life histories of people whose actual behavior patterns reflected each of the traits defined above. We found that individuals representing each trait responded to our questionnaires with statistically unique patterns. Subsequent multiple-year research studies with different groups of sales personnel have demonstrated the importance of the seven traits above (in descending order of contribution) in predicting success among sales personnel.

Question: What personality type are you?
Answer: Some questionnaires provide short answers to this question. We donít believe such responses have much merit. However, if you want to better define yourself please review our Blue Book. It should help you better understand yourself and provide ways of improving your self-adjustment and understanding of others.