The Blue Book

Table of Contents


  1. Overachiever Stable, controlled, diligent, constructive, self- controlled and restrained.
  2. Entrepreneur Money motivated, competitive, driven, ambitious, goal oriented, risk taking, clever and perceptive.
  3. Active Happy, sociable, well meaning, alert, enthusiastic, team oriented, and group conscious.
  4. Passive Sympathetic, empathic, apprehensive, occasionally anxious, inactive and ambivalent.
  5. Sensitized Reserved, introverted, withdrawn, secretive, perceptive, intuitive, analytical and creative.
  6. Aggressive Determined, tenacious, power seeking, determined, suspicious, assertive, forceful and contentious.
  7. Compulsive Precise, thorough, methodical, systematic, orderly, purposeful, task oriented, practical and logical.
  8. Overachiever-Entrepreneur Disciplined, controlled and driven in the need to "win" competitively at most things. Sees self as either winning or losing on a daily basis.
  9. Overachiever-Active Warm, personable and people oriented, but in a disciplined, structured fashion. Positive and good hearted but wants work performed the "right" way.
  10. Overachiever-Sensitized Disciplined and controlled in pursuit of goals, but probably a better planner than implementor of activities.
  11. Overachiever-Aggressive Disciplined, controlled and perfectionistic, but at the same time authoritative, determined and sometimes direct. A capable leader.
  12. Entrepreneur-Active Likes activities that involve both people and the opportunity to make money. Thrives in competitive sales contests.
  13. Entrepreneur-Aggressive Seeks to attain a position of power and influence in the organization. Money is the yardstick of success. Competitive, hard working and goal oriented.
  14. Active-Passive Emotional, positive and well meaning, but sometimes becomes own worst enemy. Can experience periods of high euphoria and sudden unsureness.
  15. Active-Aggressive Enjoys people and group activities. Sees himself as a willing player and eventual Captain of the team. Enjoys organizing/supervising group activities.
  16. Active-Compulsive Warm, personable and hearty, but at the same time strongly work oriented and detail minded. Capable of working on a large number of diverse projects simultaneously.
  17. Passive-Aggressive Proud and eager to be perceived as an important person, but can doubt own abilities. Capable of achieving significant goals, but may need prodding.
  18. Sensitized-Compulsive A creative thinker with wide imagination who is also quite methodical, detail minded and organized. Can both think up and organize broad range plans.
  19. Aggressive-Compulsive Marshals facts, ideas and perceptions to present a logical and persuasive argument. Data oriented and driven to win any debate.
  20. Overachiever-Entrepreneur Aggressive Disciplined, money motivated, and somewhat status conscious. Very competitive, ambitious, and hard working. Willing to "pay the price" for success but also expects to be appropriately rewarded for efforts.
  21. Overachiever-Active-Passive Genuinely team oriented, cheerful, outgoing and well meaning, but also controlled and deliberate in the use of energy and emotions. Prefers to work in an emotionally positive environment but will be productive anywhere.
  22. Entrepreneur-Active-Aggressive Energetic, driven and ambitious for fun, fame and fortune. A very capable leader if properly directed and controlled.
  23. Entrepreneur-Active-Passive Apparently competitive and hard charging, but may be more concerned with group rewards than with accepting individual responsibility for separate accomplishments.
  24. Active-Passive-Sensitized Usually emotionally warm, responsive, compassionate and sensitive, but may suddenly (for no apparent reason) become unsure and tentative.
  25. Active-Passive-Aggressive Eager for a position of power, influence, and authority but slightly unsure about the acceptance of any broad based responsibility. A strong team contributor and possible leader.