Our research shows that building a successful sales force requires attention to seven critical factors.

In order of importance the factors are:

People: Certain individuals possess more of the skills, abilities and characteristics to be successful in sales than others.

Management: Some sales managers are naturally better able to train, develop, and lead individuals to be successful sales representatives. Other sales managers can develop this skill.

Tasks: Sales tasks can be defined in terms of the skills necessary to be successful. These skills are often independent of specific industry experience.

Training: Training programs are designed to close the gap between a personís current level of skill, knowledge and ability and the levels necessary to be effective in the position.

Compensation: Money motivates most working people. The exact form and timing of the compensation package motivates salespeople differently.

Structure: The structure and especially reporting relationships within the sales function will influence the success of the salespeople.

Environment: The social environment that surrounds the salesperson will influence how effective the person can be in the sales process.


To read a more thorough analysis about the importance of these factors in building a successful sales force you may download our publication "Building a Successful Salesforce"

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