Selecting salespeople and managers n Matching salespeople with sales managers

WE HELP COMPANIES SELECT SUCCESSFUL SALESPEOPLE. The Banks & Weitzul Behavior Profile Sales Selection System (BPS3) is an empirically tested and established approach to sales behavior assessment. It is designed to help organizations select the best candidates for their sales positions and sales teams. Based on a system encompassing behavior traits and types, we determine which combination of traits define the best salespeople for the organization and we match them with the most appropriate sales managers.

Our instruments to accomplish this are:

This instrument is largely a biographical inventory composed of approximately 120 essay questions, typically requiring 1-2 hours to complete. It enables a person to describe his/her education, work history, and preferred occupation, boss, and environment.

This instrument is a set of 220 questions that we use during the interview process. The questions are research based and are designed to measure a set of interpersonal traits. The instrument includes specific questions and answers that can be compared to the known responses of people with existing behavior traits.

This instrument is a computer scored 320-item questionnaire that measures temperament. It requires 1 hour to complete. The scoring mechanism utilizes highly sophisticated statistical techniques and advanced computer technology. This allows us to provide comparative interpretative norms for a variety of groups.

This instrument is a computer scored, multiple-choice version of the combined 120 and 320 Questionnaires. It is used for large-scale “screen” testing of entry level sales personnel.

The Banks & Weitzul difference: We spent six years observing, interviewing and testing individuals who demonstrated the traits defined by these questionnaires. We then invested an additional fifteen years measuring these traits in salespeople, managers, staff specialists and executives. Materials describing the research steps and statistical techniques used to construct these instruments are available from us. Once these traits are identified in your candidates, we determine which combination of traits is most effective for your organization.

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