Our published books include:

Sales Force Dynamics – Motives, Management, Money & Market Place:
James B. Weitzul, Ph.D., Quorum Books, Westport, CT, 1993.

Personality Traits in Professional Services Marketing: James B. Weitzul, Ph.D., Quorum Books, Westport, CT, 1994.

Evaluating Interpersonal Skill in the Job Interview – A Guide for Human Resource Professionals: James B. Weitzul, Ph.D., Quorum Books, Westport, CT, 1992.

The Blue Book – A Supervisory Guide: Banks & Weitzul, Princeton, NJ, 1991.

320 Questionnaire: A Validity Study: Banks & Weitzul, Princeton, NJ, 1987.

Our published articles are available upon request and may be found in leading management magazines and journals. They include:

n Employment Tests: Fair or Unfair Discrimination?
n EEOC's Bottom Line and Salesperson Selection
n Understanding Your Client's Behavior: The Key to Success
n Selling to the Overachiever: Be Cool, Concise and Careful
n Freedom Responsibility and Successful Selling Self Doubt, Is it Normal?
Building a Sales Force
n Employee Attitude Surveys: Taking the Time to Get Correct Results
n Will Save More Money in the End: The Active Wants to Buy Life Insurance
n Who Really Strives for Wealth and Power?
n Avoiding Stress Sales Personalities and Professional Selling
n Employee Surveys: Get the Most From Your Benefit Budget by Knowing What Your Workers Want
n Selling to the Aggressive

n Can a Seller Manage Sellers?
n Selling to the Entrepreneur: It Doesn't Hurt to be Blunt
n Changing Behavior Improves Sales
n Extra Attention Produces Loyal Clients
n Selling to the Passive Personality
n Performance Alignment: The Fine Art of the Perfect Fit