Effectiveness studies n Employee attitude and market research studies

ORGANIZATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS IS MORE THAN A STATE OF MIND. The 1990's are known for the dizzying rate with which marketplace changes are transforming organizations and the way in which work is being performed. Experts are predicting that this is only the beginning of even more profound and accelerated changes which will unfold on an unrelenting basis. To maintain competitive advantage under such conditions, it is imperative that organizations regularly assess their performance to make intelligent strategic adjustments as needed. The first step in such a process is oftentimes a survey.

Our survey studies include the following steps:

Our initial design stage involves developing the overall layout of the survey and selecting valid types of questions that will delineate the targeted demographic groups, general attitudes, and company specific topics of interest to be studied.

We typically administer the survey in collaboration with client personnel. Additionally, the survey process is communicated and distributed to designated employees within the organization.

We receive all completed surveys. Survey responses are then reviewed for patterns and coded by demographic group. Explanatory tables and analyses are prepared for client review.

We prepare a comprehensive report of the survey results for management. The report discusses the standard and special topics defined in the survey design parameters. Our analysis provides overall results as well as general trends among demographic groups and provides comparisons with other similar organizations.

Our final report includes recommendations derived from the survey data. An employee report is also prepared and distributed.

The Banks & Weitzul difference: We have compiled data on employee attitudes for a variety of industries and market research studies. We have published articles describing our approach and methodologies in completing attitude surveys. We use the most modern statistical and computational methods, including SPSS, SAS, and Bio-Med for traditional survey research and C and C++ for more complex research projects.