Management Training

SUCCESSFUL TRAINING CAN BE A WIN-WIN SITUATION. We offer generic and customized interviewing and supervisory training programs. We also have train-the-trainer programs available.

The Supervisory Training Program is designed to increase the participant’s interpersonal skills. The content is focused on enabling people to better understand themselves and to recognize the attitudes that cause people’s behavior. The Interviewing Training Program focuses on teaching interviewing techniques for specific interpersonal skills.

Our training programs are:

Our programs are predicated on years of research and literally thousands of cases involving real world people in actual work situations.

CONTENT ORIENTED Little theory is utilized. Our material is practical and geared to quickly achieving desired results.

SKILL DEVELOPMENT The purpose of our training programs is to enhance the knowledge of attendees and their skill levels. Exercises are used to provide actual hands on experience with the material and to encourage the participants to practice and develop the confidence to apply the materials outside the classroom.

FOLLOW UP The material presented in the program is self-contained and stands alone. It can be used by itself or in conjunction with our other services and products. This approach allows us to continually reinforce the use of our ideas and concepts introduced in the class with our other services.

n We currently are offering programs in Supervisory Development and in the Interviewing Process.

The Banks & Weitzul difference: We have documented our “hands-on” procedures, techniques and methodologies for interviewing and published them in a book: Evaluating Interpersonal Skill in the Job Interview – A Guide for Human Resource Professionals. We have also documented our methods for supervisory training and published them in: The Blue Book – A Supervisory Guide. Our programs are proven to be cost effective.