Question: Is the B&W system adaptable to all industries and types of selling?

Answer: Yes. The term "sales" is fairly generic outside of the world of the professional salesperson. The experienced salesperson knows that "sales" can involve a great range of activities. On the one hand, it includes everything from (1) basic technical competence in servicing a tangible product/service to an existing client/customer to (2) creating an intangible product/service and using sophisticated interpersonal skills to persuade a new client/customer to buy it. We have proven success in assisting companies select salespeople for a broad range of such tasks in industries as diverse at insurance, securities, pharmaceuticals, books, foodstuffs, forest products, and automobiles among others. We have developed models for sales tasks as diverse as telemarketing, to service selling, to cold calling.

Question: How does the basic process work? What do we receive?

Answer: A sales candidate completes the questionnaires and returns them (either by fax, modem, e-mail or postage mail) to B&W for processing. We review the candidate’s education, work history, and temperament. We then prepare a specific hiring recommendation. The actual hiring recommendation can be tailored to your specific industry, manager, physical location and other factors that may influence success in the position. We will discuss the candidate’s results with his/her hiring manager and provide guidelines on the candidate’s development within the firm. The actual report can vary in length from 1 - 5 pages.

Question: Is the B&W System proven effective?

Answer: Yes. Such comparisons are difficult to make. However, over the years we have gathered data to show our effectiveness across a series of industries. The table below demonstrates this. Also please see the Insurance Company Comparison (LINK) for a more detailed analysis of this question within the Insurance Industry.


Average production for each group compared to average production for all groups.














Question: Is the B&W System reliable, valid and EEOC acceptable?

Answer: Yes. The B&W system was originally developed as part of a five-year research project. Since that time we have conducted numerous studies to demonstrate the system’s reliability and validity. The research methods used to build the system follow the standards of the American Psychological Association for test construction. Statistical reliabilities of .82 were achieved in building the questionnaires using both split-half and longitudinal measures. Content validation procedures were employed to define and measure the basic traits.

The EEOC will not "approve" any selection system. However, executive level personnel from the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC) have stated that: "The methods used to define and build the B&W system are the most scientific they have ever seen."

Question: How are the questionnaires administered?

Answer: The system was designed to minimize your time requirement and to reduce the candidate’s time commitment. The questionnaires require none of your time. They require approximately 2 - 2.5 hours of the candidate’s leisure time. The questionnaires can be completed anywhere.

Question: Is the B&W System cost effective?

Answer: Yes. Please see the headings Cost Benefit Analysis and Insurance Industry Comparison.