Test design and validation

BUILDING CANDIDATE SELECTION INSTRUMENTS CAN BE COST EFFECTIVE. The generally accepted set of rules necessary to establish the validity of any selection instrument is the American Psychological Association Guidelines for Test Construction. The particular steps necessary to construct a valid selection instrument, however, can vary situationally. Consequently, some companies chose to work with outside Psychologists (acting as consultants) to ensure the validity of their selection instruments.

The degree of participation by the consulting psychologist can vary from the psychologist completing all the work necessary to produce a valid set of selection instruments to the psychologist supervising the work of company employees who do the actual work.

Our role in the typical validation process includes:

We analyze existing material and determine the Skill, Knowledge, Ability, and Personal Characteristics necessary to perform each job through reviewing the job description, job specification or job classification.

We determine whether to use generic, off-the-shelf instruments to measure the critical traits in question or to develop customized instruments unique to the organization.

We select a group of employees to complete either the generic or customized instruments.

We develop norms and comparative standards to use in the selection and support of future personnel. This evolving organization specification is employed as part of the evaluation criteria for use by the company in selecting future employees.

The Banks & Weitzul difference: We have researched, designed, created and (EEOC) validated generic and customized instruments in the areas of (verbal, numerical and conceptual) intelligence, temperament, background, interests, abilities and various work skills. Our knowledge of and training with advanced statistical techniques (ANOVA, Factor Analysis, Regression, and Multiple Regression) and sophisticated computer programming skills, enables us to efficiently build these instruments. Doing so can increase the efficiency and cost benefit of your personnel selection program.