Managerial and executive assessment n Employee counseling and development

MANAGERIAL AND EXECUTIVE ASSESSMENT IS AN ART AND A SCIENCE. We start the assessment process with a series of instruments designed to measure a candidate’s unique skills and abilities. These include reasoning ability, temperament, vocational interest, skill level, and biographical data. Our assessments provide an understanding of the candidate as a whole person. We facilitate company decision making about personnel decisions such as: selection, placement, career pathing, and personal development.

Critical variables measured include:

REASONING ABILITY Defines a person's thinking ability and style. The ability to use verbal, numerical and conceptual reasoning is often critical.

TEMPERAMENT Measures a person's individual behavior traits and combines these traits into an overall Behavior Style . Some of the traits we measure are entrepreneurial drive, team spirit, self-discipline, social aggressiveness, introspection and detail-mindedness.

VOCATIONAL INTEREST Determines to what extent the person's interests match his or her ability to function in a particular position.

SKILL LEVEL Compare a person's stated and actual skill level.

BIOGRAPHICAL DATA Measures a person's education, work history, and general life adjustments. A person's life history is frequently an excellent predictor of his/her future behavior.

The Banks & Weitzul difference: Our assessment process differs from others in that we collect, analyze, and interpret the data obtained from these instruments, compare it to our own data from thousands of interviews we have conducted over the years, and make predictions about the current and future behavior of the candidate being evaluated.

We have interviewed thousands of individuals for a variety of positions in industry, government, military, and volunteer organizations. One series of research studies involving professionals in corporations allows us to document our findings and publish them in a book: Personality Traits in Professional Services Marketing.